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This is the third episode in the “Education for our planet and our future” podcast series.
In this episode, Dr Kevin Smith (Cardiff University) and Dr Rhian  Barrance (Cardiff University) discuss United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the climate crisis school strikes, and how schools can work to acknowledge and facilitate children’s right to protest.

Kevin and Rhian explore how should different perspectives on school strikes between schoolchildren and school leaders can be managed and resolved.

You can read the BERA Blog Rhian published here:

In this Episode

Kevin Smith, Dr

Cardiff University

Kevin Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Social Sciences. His research interests include curriculum theory, critical pedagogy and cultural studies. He is also committed to developing capacity for educational research...

Rhian Barrance

WISERD, Cardiff University

Dr Rhian Barrance is a lecturer in education at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. Until recently she was a research associate on the WISERD Education project at Cardiff University, a longitudinal study of children in Wales. She...