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BERA Bites Part of series: BERA Bites

BERA Bites, issue 4: Reimagining a curriculum for teacher knowledge

The BERA Bites series presents selected articles from the BERA Blog on key topics in education, presented in an easily printable and digestible format to serve as teaching and learning resources for students and professionals in education. Each collection features an introduction by editors with expertise in the field, and each article includes questions for discussion, composed by the authors, prompting readers to further explore the ideas and arguments put forward in the original articles.

This issue in the BERA Bites series was inspired by an event held by the British Curriculum Forum (BCF) in February 2019, at which educational professionals from across different education systems, sectors and nations of the UK came together to reimagine a curriculum for teacher knowledge for the 21st century. Just as that event’s speakers and participants did, this collection engages with theoretical, innovative and practical aspects of the curriculum, and continued Lawrence Stenhouse’s practice of curriculum research and development.

Among the topics covered in this collection are:

  • contrasts in how national and local curricula have been developed in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England
  • how and when teachers learn 
  • the distinction between miseducative experiences and meaningful educative experiences for pupils and teachers
  • the need for a education system and curriculum that is committed, beyond academic outcomes, to benefitting society and individual wellbeing
  • how coaching and mentoring can be used to focus on the curriculum in action
  • achieving continuity in learning to teachers throughout their careers, beyond their initial training 
  • the history of the national curriculum in England.