BERA Bites

The BERA Bites series presents selected articles from the BERA Blog on key topics in education, presented in an easily printable and digestible format to serve as teaching and learning resources for students and professionals in education. Each collection features an introduction by editors with expertise in the field, and each article includes questions for discussion, composed by the authors, prompting readers to further explore the ideas and arguments put forward in the original articles.

Published issues in the BERA Bites series

Issue 1: Early childhood

This collection of articles on early childhood offers contemporary insights into understandings, trends and dilemmas around educational policy and practice in the early years. [Read more]

  Issue 2: Educational leadership: Are our schools fit for the future?

The second collection in the BERA Bites series offers contemporary insights into educational leadership research, addressing the central question, ‘Are our schools fit for the future?’ [Read more]

  Issue 3: Innovative methods for educational research

This issue presents a range of research approaches and techniques that can be of great use to researchers and practitioners. Its coverage includes participatory methods, different narrative and visual approaches, network mapping, a reappraisal of observation as a method. [Read more]