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BERA funds over £40,000 of research on race and ethnicity

We are delighted to announce new funding looking at aspects of race and ethnicity across the education sector.

There are five recipients of the new round of small grant funding:

  • Melissa Jogie (University of Roehampton) – Envisioning a Gold Standard: Understanding Higher Education Institutions’ outlook for race equality policies, practices, and future initiatives
  • Mike Mimirinis (University of West London)- Variation in Black students’ conceptions of academic support in higher education
  • Anna Olsson Rost (Manchester Metropolitan University) – Strengthening teacher networks, decolonising secondary school history curricula
  • Denise Miller (University of Greenwich) – Race, Higher Education and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Mona Sakr (Middlesex University) – Ethnicity and the Early Years Workforce in Maintained Nursery Schools across England

Each of these will receive up to £5,000 to conduct a small research study which will be published in mid-2022.

We are also able to announce the latest recipients of the BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant. This is intended to support research led by schools and colleges’ with a focus on curriculum inquiry and investigation.

  • Sian Smith (Llanwern High School) – Can a whole school curriculum focus on Celebrating Diversity reduce the volume of racist incidents?
  • Susannah Prabhu-Naik (Longsands College) – ‘Diversifying our narrative voices’ – decolonising our curriculum on three tiers.
  • Michelle Omoboni (St. James Hatcham C of E School) Does an enquiry-based curriculum, rooted in identity and culture, improve the outcomes of Black Caribbean Heritage Pupils?
  • Claire Ellis (William Hulmes Grammar School) Sounding white, sounding right: interrogating language, race and curriculum in secondary education.

These projects will be carried out in the 2021/22 academic year,  with the final report being submitted by September 2022.

We would like to thank all of those who applied for both of these opportunities, we were pleased with both the number and the quality of applications. 

This work is driven by our Race Equality Policy and our commitment to address racial inequities within the wider research community