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BERA announces 2023 BERA Educational Research Book of the Year Shortlist

The BERA Educational Research Book of the Year award celebrates the publication of educational research and is awarded to a scholarly book on education deemed to be high quality, engaging and innovative.

After careful consideration of a large quantity of exceptional submissions, the BERA  expert panel has diligently curated a shortlist that exemplifies scholarly excellence, innovation, and impact. These exceptional books delve into an array of educational topics, shedding light on critical issues, and offering fresh perspectives to shape the future of education.

We are delighted to announce that the 2023 shortlist is:

Making Schools Better for Disadvantaged Students
Stephen Gorard, Beng Huat See and Nadia Siddiqui

“This innovative book will become a key text for all research focusing on making things better for disadvantaged students.”

“An international, empirical examination of lower attainment and disadvantage. The intersectional analysis with culturally diverse authors, concludes with what has been learnt from research and suggests directions on what are the next tasks to make schools better for all teachers and students.”

“A critical insight into the disadvantaged gap in education”


Disability in Higher Education: Investigating Identity, Stigma and Disclosure amongst Academics
Gayle Brewer
Open University Press

“This exciting book uses the narrative of experience to present research across disability in higher education, beautifully written and easy to read it supports the reader to explore the whole text and understand the challenges of working as a disabled academic.”

“A universal book which has inclusion at its heart. A book that examines the challenges and opportunities for disabled faculty. The author develops the psychology of disability for both colleagues and students. It provides advice, guidance and support to make colleagues better professional practitioners.”


Sustainability Education: A Classroom Guide
Stephen Scoffham & Steve Rawlinson
Bloomsbury Publishing

“This wonderful book presents sustainability education for all education readers, from researchers and pedagogy lecturers to teachers and teacher education students. The ideas and presentation are original and engaging and will have a great impact on practice.”

“Contemporary and relevant material which goes beyond the authors work with young children and teacher trainees. A key textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking at sustainability education.”


The BERA Educational Research Book of the Year Award not only celebrates the authors’  efforts but also aims to inspire educators, researchers, policymakers, and enthusiasts to engage with these works. As we celebrate the shortlist, we look forward to the final phase of the judging process, where our panel will evaluate each book’s contributions before announcing the winner.

The winner of the BERA Educational Research Book of the Year Award will be revealed at the BERA Awards Ceremony on 8 November. BERA members can register to attend for free below.