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Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize

The Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize is named for Anna Craft (1961-2014) who championed the role of creativity in education

The Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize is named for Anna Craft (1961-2014) who championed the role of creativity in education. She coined the term “possibility thinking” to describe the move from what is to what might be in a problem-solving, route-finding approach to creativity – an inescapable requirement in today’s fast-changing world.

The SIG Convenors award the prize annually and is presented at the BERA Annual Conference

2020 Winner

Jane Murray, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Northampton

Jane Murray was awarded the 2020 Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize for the paper From'What does gallery mean?' to 'Art galleries, I love them!': Children's views of 'culture' introduced to their primary curriculum. Jane is Co-Director...

2020 Special Commendation

Angelo Benozzo

University of Valle d’Aosta

Angelo is an undisciplined researcher in work and organizational psychology, he also lectures qualitative research methods. His research can be described as lying at the crossroads between organizational psychology, critical management studies,...

Neil Carey

Manchester Metropolitan University

Neil is  Principal Lecturer in Internationalism. His research focusses on creative and arts-based methods in social science research. His PhD, a que(e)rying quest for intersectionality, explored how creative fiction and autoethnography might...

Constanse Elmenhorst

Independent scholar

My Rosen therapist says I show her pictures of myself as a horse. A horse who will/can be free, but whom again and again is tied up/in/around discourses. Personally, I often see myself as a rabbit. I am jumping from one place to another; curious...

Nikki Fairchild, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth

Nikki’s is a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood. Her PhD, research interests and publications enact posthumanist theorising, including the work of Deleuze and Guattari and new material feminisms, to extend existing conceptualisations of...

Mirka Koro

Arizona State University

Mirka a Professor of qualitative research. Her scholarship operates in the intersection of methodology, philosophy, and socio-cultural critique and her work aims to contribute to methodological knowledge, experimentation, and theoretical...

Carol Taylor

University of Bath

Carol is Professor of Higher Education and Gender. Her research utilizes feminist, new materialist and posthumanist theories and methodologies to explore gendered inequalities, spatial practices, and staff and students’ participation in a range...

2019 Winner

Lars Geer Hammershøj, Associate Professor

Associate Professor at Aarhus University

Lars Geer Hammershøj is PhD and Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. He has published books and articles about the creativity in education, the Bildung processes in the educational system, creativity and...

2018 Winner

Tracy Hayes, Dr

Lecturer at University of Cumbria

Tracy Hayes is the current convenor for the Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play Special Interest Group. Tracy Hayes was awarded the 2018 Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize for her paper Responsive, responsible research: Lexi’s...

2017 Winner

Jo Trowsdale, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Warwick

Jo Trowsdale is Associate Professor, Arts, Creativity and Education in Sociology at the University of Warwick. Jo has extensive policy and practice experience as a former regional director of a systematic government initiative to enhance the role...

2016 Winner

Kirsty Devaney, Dr

Postgraduate Research Assistant at Birmingham City University

Kirsty Devaney is a Birmingham based composer, researcher and educator with a passionate for promoting creative music making as something we all have the capacity to do. Her music has been performed by professional contemporary music ensembles,...