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Charlotte Hacking, Miss

Primary Advisory Teacher at Centre For Literacy in Primary Education

Charlotte Hacking is the Learning and Programme Director at the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). Her special interests lie in Early Years, early reading development, the development of writing and the use of picturebooks and poetry to raise children’s engagement and attainment. She developed and leads the CLPE’s ground breaking Power of Pictures research, investigating the impact visual literacy and illustration can have on children’s reading and writing. Charlotte also led and developed the CLPE’s Power of Poetry research project, and is a judge for the CLPE poetry award, CLiPPA.

Before joining CLPE, Charlotte was a class teacher and held several leadership posts including Assistant Headteacher, Literacy, Early Years Foundation Stage, more able pupils and KS2. She was a literacy consultant within a Local Authority, focusing on Early Years, Phonics and Primary Literacy. In 2020, Charlotte joined the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy as a member of the Practitioner Advisory Board.

Charlotte Hacking's contributions