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Lars Geer Hammershøj, Dr

Associate Professor at Aarhus University

Lars Geer Hammershøj is PhD and Associate Professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. He has published books and articles about the creativity in education, the Bildung processes in the educational system, creativity and innovation, the future of education, and diagnosis of the times. He is former research programme Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the Danish School of Education. Currently, he is research coordinator of PlayArt, a national project on the cultivation of play and Bildung through art and culture in Denmark.

Lars’s research on creativity in education focuses on the affective processes of creativity and on how to cultivate the affective processes of judgment and transcendence. On this subject, he has published articles including “The Affective Base of Judgment in Creativity and Innovation and its Implications for Education” in Journal of Philosophy of Education and “Creativity in Education as a Question of Cultivating Sensuous Forces” in Thinking Skills and Creativity.

Lars Geer Hammershøj's contributions