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Jo Trowsdale, Dr

Associate Professor at University of Warwick

Jo Trowsdale is Associate Professor, Arts, Creativity and Education in Sociology at the University of Warwick. Jo has extensive policy and practice experience as a former regional director of a systematic government initiative to enhance the role of the place of the arts and creativity in UK education (Creative Partnerships). She taught drama and English in schools before entering into teacher education particularly in drama for the primary and secondary ages. Her research into artists in education combines the contribution of non-teacher professionals to teacher education. Jo’s current research is concerned with the practice of ‘art making’ as a site for transdisciplinary, more personally meaningful learning which stimulates pupils’ affective as well as the cognitive dimensions. She continues to work directly with schools, teachers, pupils and artists, and is currently researching the role of the arts in STEAM (science, technology, arts, mathematics and engineering) education.

Jo Trowsdale's contributions