Research Methodology in Education

This SIG provides a forum for critical discussion of research methodology in education and for dialogue about innovation. Its interests are in all aspects of research methodology in education, from paradigms and methods to techniques and processes. The aims of the group:

  • to generate new ideas about research methodology in education
  • to promote amongst researchers and teachers a critical understanding of research methods in education
  • to help develop in the educational research community a context of critical enquiry about methods and processes

Latest SIG Content

Living the dream through peer review

19 October 2017 | Blog

I remember reflecting on the experience of attending my first BERA annual conference as a doctoral student in 2008. More specifically, I can recall my initial perceptions of the educational research community as being potentially quite exclusive:... [...]

The self-improving school system from the classroom out

12 October 2017 | Blog

When thought about at the level of the school or classroom, the self-improving school system involves teachers collaboratively engaging in evidence-informed practice to improve teaching and learning. With this blog I briefly explore what... [...]

Creative and Innovative Methodologies in Educational Research

29 November 2017 | Event

  This event is currently fully booked. Please email if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability or similar events.     Methodological innovation within the social sciences is a highly contested topic... [...]

Is a shared understanding the key to effective learning?

21 September 2017 | Blog

A child starts learning in the womb, but real learning is perceived to start much later and is certainly not often associated with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Real learning is often perceived to start in school at Key stage 1 and... [...]

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Research Methodology in Education

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