Research Methodology in Education

This SIG provides a forum for critical discussion of research methodology in education and for dialogue about innovation. Its interests are in all aspects of research methodology in education, from paradigms and methods to techniques and processes. The aims of the group:

  • to generate new ideas about research methodology in education
  • to promote amongst researchers and teachers a critical understanding of research methods in education
  • to help develop in the educational research community a context of critical enquiry about methods and processes

Latest SIG Content

Am I actually teaching historical thinking and reasoning?

30 November 2018 | Blog

Many teachers find it difficult to operationalise ideas from the literature and envisage ‘what it looks like in the classroom’. Teaching historical thinking and reasoning (HTR) is a good example of this. It has been an important educational... [...]

BERA Statement on Close-to-Practice Research

20 November 2018 | Publication

BERA offers this statement to serve as a shared reference-point for high quality research, conducted within diverse research traditions, that shares the central aim of making a contribution to educational practice. In it, we define high-quality... [...]

A new tool to help teachers as digital learning designers

30 October 2018 | Blog

We began with a sense of mission: to support teachers in making effective use of learning technologies. Educational research has done little so far to help teachers into the digital age; policy hardly anything at all. Teacher professional... [...]

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Research Methodology in Education

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