Research Methodology in Education

This SIG provides a forum for critical discussion of research methodology in education and for dialogue about innovation. Its interests are in all aspects of research methodology in education, from paradigms and methods to techniques and processes. The aims of the group:

  • to generate new ideas about research methodology in education
  • to promote amongst researchers and teachers a critical understanding of research methods in education
  • to help develop in the educational research community a context of critical enquiry about methods and processes

Latest SIG Content

Netnography: exploring ‘innovative’ approaches to research

24 July 2018 | Blog

My PhD focusses on how online teacher-learning communities may support professional development, and as a relatively new researcher I was aware that, to address the subject, I needed to build my awareness of research methods. In the first few... [...]

Challenging the evidence on the new baseline test in reception

4 May 2018 | Blog

In this blog, the authors of the BERA report A baseline without basis: The validity and utility of the proposed reception baseline assessment in England preview the findings of their research. Click here to read the full report, which is now... [...]

Child-friendly research in the early years

1 May 2018 | Blog

This article is part of the BERA Blog special issue ‘Researching the Curriculum in schools and colleges: Practice, Professionalism and Innovation’ (read more). How can the curriculum be meaningfully researched when you are working with... [...]

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Research Methodology in Education

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