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College of Reviewers

As an organisation we are committed to principles of openness, integrity and transparency and seek to uphold ethical values in all our activities and processes. The BERA College of Reviewers (CoR) provides high quality peer reviews for all relevant BERA activities and ensures a consistent approach across our awards and funding opportunities.

The BERA College of Reviewers is a group comprised of high quality academic reviewers  who draw on research evidence. Members are drawn from a range of organisations and career experience, from Early Career Researchers to senior academics and users. The CoR works closely with BERA’s Engagement Committee who oversee most of our award schemes and ensure criteria fit with BERA’s strategic priorities.

College of Reviewers

Profile picture of Serdar Abaci
Serdar Abaci, Dr

Lecturer in Data and Digital Literacy at University of Edinburgh

Serdar Abaci is based in the Institute of Education, Teaching and Leadership. He is currently involved in Data Education in Schools project, developing a course on Digital Literacy. His research interests include data and digital literacies,...

Profile picture of Alice Bradbury
Alice Bradbury, Professor

Professor of Sociology of Education, Co-Director Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 Years) at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Alice Bradbury is a professor of sociology of education at the Institute of Education (IOE), UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, and co-director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 Years). She is also a member of the Centre for...

Profile picture of Maia Chankseliani
Maia Chankseliani, Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education at University of Oxford

Maia Chankseliani (EdM Harvard, PhD Cambridge) is Associate Professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Oxford. She leads a flagship master’s course at the Department of Education – MSc in Comparative and...

Profile picture of Helen Gunter
Helen Gunter, Professor

Professor Emerita at University of Manchester

Helen M. Gunter is Professor Emerita in the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and recipient of the BELMAS Distinguished Service Award 2016. Her research focuses on the...

Profile picture of Alison Kington
Alison Kington, Professor

Professor in Psychology of Education at University of Worcester

Alison Kington is a professor in psychology of education at the University of Worcester. She has worked in a number of research and teaching roles, gaining extensive experience of designing and conducting mixed methods research in education and...

Profile picture of Norbert Pachler
Norbert Pachler, Professor

Professor of Education at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Prof Norbert Pachler is currently Pro-Vice-Provost: Digital Education at UCL. He works closely with the Vice-Provost Education and Student Affairs on UCL-wide initiatives with a particular focus on academic oversight of digital education across...

Profile picture of Carole Torgerson
Carole Torgerson, Professor

Professor of Educational Evaluation at University of York

Carole Torgerson is Professor of Educational Evaluation in the Department of Education at the University of York. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and an honorary Professor of Education at Durham University. She was previously...

Profile picture of Tammy Campbell
Tammy Campbell, Dr

Director for Early Years at Education Policy Institute

Dr Tammy Campbell is Director for Early Years at the EPI. Tammy joined EPI in 2022, while completing a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship based in LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE). She remains a Visiting Senior Fellow...

Profile picture of Sally Riordan
Sally Riordan, Dr

Senior Research Fellow at University College London

I am interested in how we can measure what matters, how education progresses, how we can implement research findings effectively, and the role education plays in developing a society's collective mindsets. I have a particular interest in social...

Profile picture of Nicoleta Gaciu
Nicoleta Gaciu, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University

Nicoleta is an active researcher and she has considerable experience in research methods, theoretical Physics, numerical simulations and tutoring various disciplines (Education, Physics, Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics) in universities...

Profile picture of Justin Dillon
Justin Dillon, Professor

Professor of science & environmental education at University College London

Justin is professor of science and environmental education at University College London (UCL), UK. His research focuses on learning and engagement in and out of schools. After studying for a degree in chemistry, Justin trained as a teacher and...

Profile picture of Karen Blackmore
Karen Blackmore, Dr

Principal Lecturer at University of Worcester

Originally a bio-pharmaceutical scientist, Karen has taught in a range of schools and university academic departments for over 20 years. Her present position is Principal Lecturer in Science Education at the University of Worcester, where...

Profile picture of Melissa Jogie
Melissa Jogie, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Education Practice at University of Roehampton

Melissa is an Early Career Researcher in Education at the University of Roehampton, leading on an institution-wide initiative to develop a research and knowledge exchange culture and citizenship across staff and postgraduate students. In 2021 she...

Profile picture of Pinky Jain
Pinky Jain, Dr

Head of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University

Pinky Jain is Head of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education. She has research interests in trainee teachers, exploring how they can be developed and supported to attain criticality, to be reflective and to become research-informed...