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Sally Riordan, Dr

Senior Research Fellow at University College London

I am interested in how we can measure what matters, how education progresses, how we can implement research findings effectively, and the role education plays in developing a society's collective mindsets. I have a particular interest in social mobility. I was the principal investigator of the mixed-methods ‘Against the Odds’ study (2019-2021) into the progress of secondary students facing socio-economic disadvantages, commissioned by the Social Mobility Commission. I have argued that our mechanisms for supporting teachers with research evidence have failed for evidence regarding socio-economic disadvantages. My current work includes research into teachers’ attitudes to poverty, analysis of meta-analysis, theorising evidence, and studies of how teachers conceptualise cultural capital and put these ideas into use.

Sally Riordan's contributions

College of Reviewers

The BERA College of Reviewers is a group comprised of high quality academic reviewers including practitioners and policy makers who draw on research evidence.