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David Scott, Professor

Emeritus Professor at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

David Scott is emeritus professor of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment at University College London, Institute of Education. Besides On Learning (2021), his most recent books are: The European School System (Leaton-Gray, Scott, & Mehisto, 2018); Equalities and Inequalities in the English Education System (Scott & Scott, 2018); The Mexican Education System (Scott, Posner, Martin, & Guzman, 2017); Education Systems and Learners: Knowledge and Knowers (Scott, 2016); Policy Transfer and Educational Change (Scott, Husbands, Slee, Wilkins, & Terano, 2015); Roy Bhaskar: A Theory of Education (Scott, 2015); New Perspectives on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (Scott, 2015); Sage Handbook on Learning (Scott & Hargreaves, 2015).

David Scott's contributions

Against empiricism

As educational researchers, our work is framed and therefore requires us to operate with and through a general theory of objects and object-relations. This enframing comprises a semantic...

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Blog post22 Oct 2021