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David Scott, Professor

UCL Institute of Education

David Scott is professor of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment at the UCL Institute of Education. His most recent books are:

  • Leaton-Gray, S., Scott, D. & Mehisto, P. (2017). The European School System. Macmillan Palgrave.
  • Scott, D. & Scott, B. (2017). Equalities and Inequalities in the English Education System. University College London Institute of Education Press.
  • Scott, D., Posner, C., Martin, C., & Guzman, E. (2017). The Mexican Education System. London: University College London Press.
  • Scott, D. (2016). Education Systems and Learners: Knowledge and Knowers. London: Macmillan Palgrave.
  • Scott, D., Husbands, C., Slee, R., Wilkins, R., & Terano, M. (2015a). Policy Transfer and Educational Change. London: SAGE.
  • Scott, D. (2015). Roy Bhaskar: A Theory of Education. Dordrecht: Springer International.
  • Scott, D. (2015). New Perspectives on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Scott, D. & Hargreaves, E. (2015). SAGE Handbook on Learning. London: SAGE.

David Scott's contributions