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Past event

Ethics in Practice: Showcasing examples of good ethical practice in practitioner research

The Practitioner Research SIG hosted an event on 20th April 2023 in which our speaker discussions centred around the idea that guiding ethical principles for education research need to be both robust and flexible, innovative and equitable. This event will therefore be an invitation to the members of both our SIGs to share examples of their good ethical practice (either their own or that of others) so that we can better understand how good ethical practice looks in the diverse and messy world of practice development research.

We will be putting out a call for case studies that explain the context and aims of a piece of practitioner research but which clearly elaborate on how the ethical process was handled. We wish to illustrate how it was planned, implemented and modified to meet the realities of practitioner research in context. We would also like to hear the reflections of researchers after the event, what would they do differently next time?

The case studies will be the focus of the event with ample time for discussions and questions to the presenters. We aim to create meaningful professional learning materials from these discussions.


Draft Programme:

18:00 BERA introduction
18:05 Welcome from Chairs
Claire Tyson, Emma Taylor, Joyce Chen, and Kate Mawson
18:10 Working with gender diverse young people without parental/carer consent: Negotiating a university ethics system from PGR student, supervisor, and ethics chair perspectives
Kate Russell, University of East Anglia; Lois Ferguson, University of East Anglia
18:25 Questions
Hosted by Kate Mawson
18:35 Working ethically with global makerspace practitioners: Learnings from an international participatory research project
Meghna Nag Chowdhuri, University College London; Louise Archer, University College London 
18:50 Questions
Hosted by Claire Tyson
19:00 Working Through and With Ethics in Participatory Intellectual Disability Research
Cara Baer, University of Plymouth
19:15 Questions
Hosted by Joyce Chen
19:25 Supporting the ethical conduct and sharing of practitioner research: Unpacking key issues
Alison Twiner, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge; Patrick Carmichael, Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge;
Pete Dudley, University of Cambridge; Sara Hennessy, University of Cambridge
19:40 Questions
Hosted by Claire Tyson
19:50 Summary
Claire Tyson, Emma Taylor, Joyce Chen, and Kate Mawson
20:00 Event close

Watching a BERA Virtual event

  • You will be sent the link to the event at least 3 days before the event. If you register in the last few days you will be sent the link within 24 hours
  • Our platform should work on all platforms
  • For the best viewing experience please use a laptop or computer
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentations
  • It is best to check your connection at least 10 minutes before the event, and any problems the BERA technical team may be able to assist
  • A recording of the event will be available within 3 days after the event for BERA Members only


Profile picture of Claire Tyson
Claire Tyson, Dr

Teacher Researcher at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre

Claire Tyson is a teacher researcher based at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre, where she combines teaching science with her research post. Her PhD was obtained by studying part time with Queen Mary, University of London in Clinical...

Profile picture of Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor, Dr

LSE Fellow at London School of Economics & Political Science

Emma Taylor has over 12 years of experience teaching Geography to secondary school students in London. Alongside teaching, she has recently undertaken the role of Research Lead at the school in which she currently works. Her research role...

Profile picture of Joyce Chen
Joyce Chen, Dr

Further Education Lecturer and Teacher Educator at The College of West Anglia/University Centre West Anglia

Dr Joyce I-Hui Chen has recently been awarded her PhD in Education Studies. She has been working in different educational sectors for more than 20 years in Taiwan and in the United Kingdom (UK), from primary education to higher education. Her...

Profile picture of Kate Mawson
Kate Mawson, Dr

Principal Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

Dr Kate Mawson has significant teaching experience across a range of institutions and has worked in Secondary and Higher Education institutions since 2002. Kate is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Founding Fellow of the...


Profile picture of Kate Russell
Kate Russell, Dr

Associate Professor at University of East Anglia

Dr Kate Russell is an Associate Professor in Physical Education and Sport at the University of East Anglia’s School of Education and Lifelong Learning. Her research focuses on the intersections of gender, sexuality, health, identities, body...

Profile picture of Meghna Nag Chowdhuri
Meghna Nag Chowdhuri, Dr

Research Fellow at University College London

I completed my PhD in Education from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge in 2020. My PhD study explored how primary school teachers in state schools in Delhi, interpret and use reformed mathematics textbooks developed to make...

Profile picture of Cara Baer
Cara Baer, Miss

Doctoral Teaching Assistant at University of Plymouth

Cara Baer is a PhD student, lecturer and researcher at the University of Plymouth (UK). Her research interests are in equitable opportunities within higher education and society, particularly through a social justice lens. Cara’s doctoral study...

Profile picture of Alison Twiner
Alison Twiner, Dr

Research Associate at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge

I am a researcher based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, currently working with the Camtree team (Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange). My research interests are in supporting and understanding teacher professional learning and inquiry,...

Profile picture of Louise Archer
Louise Archer, Professor

Professor of Sociology of Education at University College London

Louise Archer’s research focusses on educational identities and inequalities, particularly in relation to social class, ethnicity and gender. She has conducted research on a wide range of issues, including British Muslim young people’s...

Profile picture of Sara Hennessy
Sara Hennessy, Professor

Professor of Educational Dialogue and Pedagogical Inquiry at University of Cambridge

Sara Hennessy is professor of teacher development and pedagogical innovation at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. She co-leads the Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research (CEDiR) group and leads the Cambridge team in the EdTech...

Profile picture of Patrick Carmichael
Patrick Carmichael, Dr

Managing Director, Camtree at Hughes Hall

Patrick Carmichael is Managing Director of Camtree – the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, which is creating a global platform for educators around the world who wish to reflect on their practice and conduct research on improving learning in...

Profile picture of Lois Ferguson
Lois Ferguson, Miss

Postgraduate Researcher at University of East Anglia

Lois Ferguson (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Education at the University of East Anglia. Her research explores the Physical Education (PE) experiences of trans and gender diverse youth in secondary schools in the UK, and the understanding that...

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