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Arts for All: Exploring Inclusivity in Arts Education

There are many shared themes and ideas across the fields of arts-based and inclusive research: The arts have the capacity to connect different communities, provide a means of expression, and promote wellbeing at individual and social levels. Researchers into inclusivity often draw on arts-based methods to promote engagement or capture ideas and perspectives.

In the past couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of arts in promoting wellbeing and inclusivity. However, certain issues of inclusivity within arts education have only grown worse during this period; for example, the decreased opportunities for arts education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the lost specialist support from periods of lockdown or isolation, and the difficult decisions many schools had to make with respect to arts provision. As we emerge from the pandemic and face further crises, such as cost of living, and the residual impact on mental health, how can we promote further inclusivity in, and through, arts education?

This webinar will include speakers from across both SIGs, and we invite researchers from all career stages, students, and practitioners to contribute to the series of 15- and 7-minute presentations. We will conclude the event with an open floor discussion on how the themes explored can be integrated within education policy.

Expected themes include, but are not limited to: 

• SEND and the arts
• Arts based methods and their impact on inclusivity
• Cultural diversity and inclusivity
• Socio-economic issues within arts education

To apply to present at the event, please submit an abstract of 300 words summarising the topic, methods, and expected outcomes of your research.

Submit an Abstract

Deadline for abstracts: 16 September 2022


10:00 BERA Welcome
10:05 Introcution
10:15 Paper Presentations
11:00 Breakout discussion identifying emerging themes
11:10 Micro Presentations
11:40 Open Floor Discussion: How can inclusivity be embedded in education policy concerning the arts?
11:55 Closing remarks
12:00 Event Close