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Jill Lloyd-Jones, Ms

Co convenor Arts based EDucationalResearch/Author/Educator/ Presenter Arts-Drama-Literacy-Social Justice at N/A

Jill Lloyd-Jones is a Drama Specialist with an M.Ed. in Arts Curriculum and has been a popular teacher and consultant for schools and universities in Canada. As a teacher practitioner, her classroom was the focus of research by British and Canadian academics and highlighted in their published works on drama in education.

As Toronto District School Board’s Arts Coordinator, Jill was responsible for best practice in arts curriculum in 640 schools. She was also lead writer for the Government of Ontario for arts curriculum documents implemented in schools across the province. As an independent writer, she co-authored a book for secondary and post secondary teachers, Truth in Play: Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances.

Jill has been a sessional lecturer at a number of universities, providing novice teachers with strategies to enrich their classroom practice and has shared her extensive experience through practical workshops in Canada and the UK. Recent work includes a scheme of work in the magazine, Teaching Drama, workshops at Music and Drama conferences, and presenting her research at BERA 2019.

Jill is excited to join the Arts Based Educational Research SIG team, and to network and exchange ideas with others.

Jill Lloyd-Jones's contributions

Arts Based Educational Research SIG Annual Meeting

This meeting is open to Non Members to also attend. Join the Arts Based Educational Research SIG annual meeting to network with colleagues, learn about the activities of the SIG over the last...

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Arts Based Educational Research

Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) uses ideas, methods, techniques, and processes from the arts to help understand and improve education.

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