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Pre-Conference Workshops

8 September 2024 to 12 September 2024University of Manchester

Writing for Publication in Digital Education Journals
Sunday 8 September 2024
13:30 – 17:30

Price: from £25
Venue: University of Manchester

In the current academic landscape, scholarly impact is the hallmark of academic success. For many early career researchers, publishing in top journals is seen as a strategy to enhance chances of securing an academic position, despite the high rejection rates of these journals making their publication goals more challenging to achieve (Nicholas, Rodríguez‐Bravo, Watkinson, et. Al. 2017 )

Thus, while for many ECRs in digital education, publishing in noted journals in their field may be a career-building endeavour, they face serious hurdles relating to awareness of the process of publishing in these journals and understanding how to prepare their manuscripts for publication in top journals in education given that this is often lacking in their training (O’Brien, Graf, McKellar, 2019 ) . This pre-conference workshop endeavours to create a dynamic and “safe” environment that will demystify the process of publishing in digital education journals and provide ECRs with the knowledge and skills they need as they navigate the murky field of academic publishing.

The workshop will bring together editors of journals in the field of digital education who will, in a mentoring and supportive environment, guide early career educational researchers (including PhD researchers) through the process of producing and publishing high-quality manuscripts for top journals in the field. The workshop is designed to foster an enriching exchange of insights and knowledge among all participants, with an overarching aim of deepening early career researchers’ understanding of the academic publishing landscape, specifically within high-impact journals in education.

Throughout the event, participants will engage in a multifaceted exploration of the academic journal publishing ecosystem. One key objective is to unravel the intricate expectations and criteria set by high-impact academic journals in education, demystifying the characteristics of successful submissions in these journals. This exploration aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of what distinguishes impactful research in today’s competitive academic landscape, and how to make their research manuscript stand out.

Complementing this understanding, the workshop will offer practical guidance tailored for academic journals in digital education. Throughout the workshop, participants will navigate the specific intricacies and requirements of digital education journals. The goal is to equip attendees with actionable strategies for refining their manuscripts, increasing the likelihood of acceptance, and elevating the overall quality and relevance of their research.

An essential element of the workshop is the enablement (through the facilitation of the Digital Education SIG) of direct interaction and meaningful connections between journal editors, early career researchers, and members of the Digital Education SIG. Beyond the confines of the workshop, these connections will foster collaborations that extend into the broader academic community, thus empowering ECRs to navigate the academic landscape more effectively. Also integral to the workshop’s ethos is the encouragement of dialogue for mutual learning and professional development among ECRs around the overarching theme of publishing in peer-reviewed journals in digital education. Participants will also benefit from editors’ insights and guidance on their journals’ position on the place and use of Generative AI in academic publishing.

Although organised by the Digital Education SIG, the event aims to be inclusive by welcoming different with participating journals in different fields of education (not exclusively in digital education). All in all, ” Writing for Publication in Digital Education Journals ” aspires to be more than a workshop; it aims to be a transformative experience that equips ECRs with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary for success in high-impact academic publishing.

13:30 Introductions: The SIG, The Editors and their Journals
13:45 Understanding the Publishing Process in digital Education
Practical Guidance for Manuscript Preparation for Digital Education Journals
Co-authorship and uses of Generative AI in Digital Education research
15:15 Break and Networking
15:45 Submission processes: platforms, letters to editors and additional documents
Navigating the review process: understanding reviewer comments and review decisions
16:45 Wrap-up and Looking Forward
Feedback and post-workshop networking

Workshop Leads

Profile picture of Louis Major
Louis Major, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Digital Education at The University of Manchester

Dr Louis Major is a senior lecturer in Digital Education at the University of Manchester. Working in the Manchester Institute of Education, he co-leads the Digital Technologies, Communication and Education (DTCE) Research and Scholarship group....

Profile picture of Katy Jordan
Katy Jordan, Dr

Lecturer at Lancaster University

Dr Katy Jordan is a Lecturer in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University, and a member of the Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning. She holds a PhD from the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, UK....

Profile picture of Cathy Lewin
Cathy Lewin, Professor

Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University

Professor Cathy Lewin has over 20 years’ experience of mixed-method evaluations of school-based interventions. She has managed many large-scale evaluations that focus on whole school change and pedagogical initiatives such as technology...

Profile picture of Sarah Younie
Sarah Younie, Professor

Professor in Education Innovation at De Montfort University

Sarah Younie is a principal lecturer in Education at De Montfort University and a visiting Senior Research Fellow at University of Bedfordshire. She has been involved in international research on educational technologies and teaching for twenty...

Profile picture of Jennifer Crowdy
Jennifer Crowdy, Ms

Senior Digital Ambassador & PhD Student at The University of Winchester

Jennifer Crowdy is a Senior Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Developer and PhD student at the University of Winchester. She has worked in the education sector since 2011, having been employed in a range of roles with a technology and early...

Profile picture of Felix Kwihangana
Felix Kwihangana, Dr

Lecturer in Education at University of Manchester

Dr Felix is a Lecturer in (Digital) Education and the Deputy Programme director for the MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester. His research and teaching focus on...