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Jennifer Crowdy, Ms

Senior Digital Ambassador & PhD Student at The University of Winchester

Jennifer Crowdy is a Senior Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Developer and PhD student at the University of Winchester. She has worked in the education sector since 2011, having been employed in a range of roles with a technology and early years specialism in teaching. She also has a background in digital entrepreneurship, having previously supported several well-known digital broadcasters and entertainers as well as running her own edutaintment broadcasting channel. She is currently responsible for developing an ambitious digital skills research programme at the University of Winchester, which aims to empower individuals to learn and utilise the latest trends and developments in technology, such as Artificial Intelligence. The programme, currently in the pilot trial phase, will be fully launched in September 2023. Her PhD research is on rethinking creativity in technology education, and its implications for future generations of learning.

Jennifer Crowdy's contributions

Meet and Discuss – Digital Education

This Digital Education SIG meeting was held to network with colleagues, learn about the activities of the SIG and plans for 2024 and onwards. This meeting was hosted online, with the opportunity...

Past event25 Jan 2024Virtual

Digital Education

The purpose of the Digital Education SIG is to provide a meeting place for BERA members interested in the application and impact of new technologies in education across both curricular and...

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