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Primary School Assessment

The recent news that the Commons Education Select Committee has decided to formally review SATs at the ends of Key Stages 1 and 2 hasn’t yet occasioned much comment on the Mumsnet talkboards;...

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  • Justine Roberts

Blog post12 Dec 2016

Guardianship of subjects in 2016

I very much welcome the revival of the British Curriculum Forum and was delighted to attend the recent conference “Investigating Knowledge and the Curriculum”. My reason for attending is that...

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  • Annette Smith

Blog post21 Sep 2016

Nationalism in History Education

Nationalist far-right parties have recently gained popularity in Europe and the United States. The current rise of xenophobic populism is connected to a broader backlash against changing...

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  • Rachel Hutchins

Blog post27 Jul 2016

Curriculum Concerns

A curriculum is a predetermined programme of learning and has three components: a set of aims and objectives which articulate the intended student achievements (what they know, what they can do...

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  • David Scott

Blog post4 Feb 2016