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Blog Series

Covid-19, education and educational research

Covid-19 has transformed the way we live, work, research, teach and learn. This ongoing series of blogs addresses the crisis as it affects education in all its diversity.

Our contributors summarise new research, find new applications for existing scholarship, and share opinions, experiences and advice. Our intention is that this collection helps all stakeholders in education to navigate this new landscape, and to thrive both within and beyond it.

We continue to invite contributions to the BERA Blog that address the Covid-19 crisis, including but by no means limited to issues like distance learning and educational technology; the logistical, methodological and ethical challenges of conducting research remotely; and the effects of the crisis on staffing, funding and policy across the sector. Tell our readership how you’ve been impacted, how we can and should respond, and what we haven’t thought of yet. See our submissions policy page for details of how to contribute.

Content in this series