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Books Part of series: The BERA Guides: Critical Insights into Educational Research and Practice

The BERA Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

Exploring Frontline Support in Educational Research and Practice

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Positioning wellbeing at the heart of a well-functioning school community, this timely guide brings the debate on the escalating child and adolescent mental health crisis to a broad audience.

A research-informed yet accessible introduction to both the scholarly discourse and real-world cases of mental health in education, The BERA Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools focuses on the UK while providing messages and practical tips for an international readership. Chapters examine policy approaches and the pivotal role schools have acquired within the government’s settings-based approach to mental health. The first section presents the theoretical framework and policy context, and the second is dedicated to a selection of case studies from schools in the UK, drawing attention to current issues encountered in education, showcasing exemplars of good practice and sharing innovative approaches to tackling poor mental wellbeing.

Published in partnership between the British Educational Research Association (BERA) and Emerald Publishing, The BERA Guides are short, research-informed yet accessible introductions to key, interdisciplinary topics impacting education research and practice for a broad academic audience.


Profile picture of Michelle Jayman
Michelle Jayman, Dr

Researcher/Lecturer at University of Roehampton

Michelle Jayman is a developmental psychologist with a strong background in education and extensive work experience in schools. She is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton and a Champion for the British Psychological Society...

Profile picture of Jonathan Glazzard
Jonathan Glazzard, Professor

Rosalind Hollis Professor of Education for Social Justice at University of Hull

Jonathan Glazzard is the Rosalind Hollis Professor of Education for Social Justice at the University of Hull. He researches LGBTQ+, mental health, disability and early literacy. In 2018, he became co-convenor of the BERA SIG for Mental Health...

Profile picture of Anthea Rose
Anthea Rose, Dr

Research Fellow at University of Lincoln

Anthea Rose is a research fellow at the Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching (LALT), University of Lincoln. She is currently leading the local Lincolnshire evaluation of the Uni Connect programme, funded by the Office for Students (OfS),...

Profile picture of Aimee Quickfall
Aimee Quickfall, Dr

Head of School - School of Education at Leeds Trinity University

Aimee is Head of the School of Teacher Education at Leeds Trinity University, one of the BERA SIG leads for Mental Health and Wellbeing, and a member of the BERA Conference Committee. Her research interests are well-being and workload in...