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Michelle Jayman, Dr

Researcher/Lecturer at University of West London

Michelle Jayman is a lecturer in education studies at the University of West London. She is a convenor for BERA’s Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education special interest group, and a Champion for the British Psychological Society Education Section. Her PhD research focussed on the impact of a socio-emotional intervention (Pyramid club) on wellbeing and school performance for vulnerable students in mainstream secondary education. Michelle has presented her work extensively at conferences in Europe, and published her research in the UK and abroad. She is a passionate advocator of promoting and supporting good mental health and wellbeing for all in educational settings. Her research interests include risk and resilience, and programmes to enhance education and improve outcomes for learners. She has co-ordinated several projects focussed on supporting child and adolescent wellbeing and helping students reach their full potential. Her current research is focussed on Book of Beasties, a mental wellness card game used in schools.

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Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education

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