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Publication series

Curriculum Investigation Grant research reports

The three reports in this series, published in January 2020, were supported by the Curriculum Investigation Grant for 2018–2019. 

BERA and the British Curriculum Forum’s biennial Curriculum Investigation Grant is intended to support and recognise the importance of research led by schools and colleges that focusses on curriculum inquiry and investigation. It is awarded to researchers based within schools and colleges, and is intended to enable those researchers to:

  • identify an issue impacting on the development of an aspect of the curriculum in their school/college
  • design, implement and evaluate a response to the issue identified
  • disseminate the processes and outcomes of the inquiry/investigation within the school/college
  • develop a strategy to sustain curriculum investigation/inquiry within the school/college
  • contribute to research and scholarship in the study of the curriculum.

Click here for more information about the Curriculum Investigation Grant. 

Content in this series