The BERA Blog

BERA will be launching our new blog in the late spirng/early summer. The blog has been established to provide research informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner. The aim is to produce and promote articles that attract policy-makers, parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, politicians, and anyone who is interested in education today. There will be one blog for BERA as a whole and content can be tagged and filtered by both authors and readers in order to tailor the blog feed to their own interests. These tags and filters will be by SIG, theme and potentially project. On several occasions during the year, the blog may be given over to specific projects, themes or groups to generate content. The usual editorial guidelines will apply. Submission Policy The blog is open to anyone to make a submission. The aim is to stimulate debate and thus differences of opinion will be aired. However all submissions must have some link to evidence rather than assertion and should be on substantive issues rather than personal criticism. The editorial team welcome articles of 500-750 words that are:

  • short reports or summaries of research
  • opinion pieces
  • responses to policies
  • experiences as an educational researcher
  • experiences using research

Prospective contributors should ensure their contributions:

  • are research informed
  • avoid jargon, dense language and academic referencing
  • provide links to sources where possible
  • use inclusive and non-derogatory language
  • do not include obscene or rude content, or content that belittles or attacks persons or groups.
  • do not link to profane, obscene, rude, or illegal material or to sites that knowingly violate intellectual property rights

Those submitting should include a short biography of themselves, links to their own website/ homepages and where possible a photograph. Contributions should be sent to or direct to one of the Editors making clear they are containing a potential blog post. Editorial Team Following an open call, the Publications Committee have selected an editorial team that aims to capture a broad range of perspectives. These Editors are: Gerry Czerniawski, University of East London Michael Donnelly, University of Bath Rachel Lofthouse, University of Newcastle Samuel McKavanagh, Upton Court School Phil Wood, University of Leicester