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This episode of the BERA Podcast is part of a series of podcasts focusing on Alternative Research Methods in Higher Education.

In this episode, Dr Dina Zoe Belluigi engages in a conversation with colleague Dr Sin Wang Chong about the ways in which visual and creative arts methods productively unsettle the dominant gaze and modes of representation of research on higher education. She retrospectively traces the detours and divergences that led her to appreciating the validity of creative arts research from her most recent project, Counter-Narratives of Higher Education (a collaboration with artists of Analogue Eye: Video Art Africa). The recording includes discussion of video papers; arguments made about the figurative in studies of higher education transformation; reflections on the praxis of methodological irresponsibility and specific arts-based methods; and an archive of non-empirical representations of the lived experiences of academia, to which she’d love listeners to contribute.

In this Episode

Sin-Wang Chong, Dr

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Queen's University Belfast

Sin-Wang Chong is the Early Career Researcher Network Regional Rep for Northern Ireland. Dr. Sin-Wang Chong is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in TESOL in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast...

Dina Belluigi, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dr Belluigi’s work relates to the agency and ethico-historical responsibility of artists and academics in contexts undergoing transitions in authority and in the shadow of oppression. Shaped in part by her experiences as a practitioner in...