Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education

This SIG will bring together academics, practitioners and others who have a shared interest in mental health and wellbeing in relation to education. Within this special interest area, it aims to:

  • raise awareness of and promote mental health and wellbeing in education at all levels
  • encourage and support research;
  • create a dynamic forum for discussion of pertinent issues, knowledge exchange and critical engagement;
  • facilitate networking and information-sharing and provide a forum of support;
  • influence policy and practice

The Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education SIG complements the current range by offering a unique space to focus specifically on mental health and wellbeing issues in education. Moreover, as mental health and wellbeing pervade many aspects of education, there is the opportunity to link with some of the other SIGS and foster relevant collaborations.


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Latest SIG Content

Researching Education and Mental Health: Where are we now?

12 July 2019 | Event

Thank you for your interest in this event. There is planned website maintenance this week so unfortunately we cannot take registrations online. Please call the BERA office on 0207 331 5217 to register over the phone for this event. Mental... [...]

Optimising support for children with ADHD in schools

13 December 2018 | Blog

The school environment can be particularly challenging for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Pupils diagnosed with ADHD are typically restless, act without thinking and struggle to concentrate. ADHD can therefore have... [...]

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Mental Health, Wellbeing and Education

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