Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

The aim of the Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy (CAP) SIG is to encourage and support research and other scholarly activity in the inter-related areas of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy across the 4 nations of the UK and internationally. One of the aspirations of the SIG is to re-ignite curriculum studies as a broad field. Examples of such work include attention to the important inter-relationship between these three ‘message systems’, for example the growing influence of assessment on curricula internationally, and attempts by governments and their agencies to prescribe pedagogy, in addition to curriculum, and assessment. Further examples of the work that the SIG encourages are:

  • historical, theoretical and ideological influences on CAP;
  • the impact of globalisation, policy borrowing, and nation state control;
  • teacher and pupil agency;
  • action research and practice;
  • alternative visions of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy for the 21st century.

The intention is to hold seminars, workshops and other regular meetings in order to:

  • share knowledge;
  • plan presentations;
  • develop networks to support publications and research proposals; and
  • engage where possible with relevant policy and practitioner communities.

Latest SIG Content

Gamifying programming education in K-12

18 October 2018 | Blog

In our recent article published in the British Journal of Educational Technology (Lindberg et al 2018), we present the results of a review on how programming has been approached by K-12 curriculum developers around the world, and what games can... [...]

National curriculum in England: The first 30 years, part 1

2 October 2018 | Blog

For the whole of the 1970s I taught in secondary schools. (I am that old!) At that time there was no national curriculum (NC), so teachers usually decided what to teach as well as how to teach. These decisions were often guided by the content of... [...]

Does bias in secondary school track recommendations change over time?

25 September 2018 | Blog

Tracked educational systems, such as many European systems for secondary education, are frequently associated with higher levels of educational inequity compared with comprehensive systems. ‘Tracking’, in education, refers to the placement of... [...]

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Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

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