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Mary Richardson, Professor

Professor of Educational Assessment at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Mary is Professor of Educational Assessment in the Dept for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at UCL Institute of Education in London. She leads an MA in Assessment and supervises doctoral students interested in assessment, ethics and children’s rights. Mary is interested in the intersection of technical and philosophical elements of educational assessment and is currently examining the role of artificial intelligence in the practice of high-stakes testing; and leading the reporting for England on the international Trends in Mathematics and Science Studies (2023) for the DfE. She sits on the Executive for the Philosophy of Education GB managing key aspects of online communications for both organisations and is an executive editor for the journal, Assessment in Education. Her recent book, Rebuilding Public Confidence in Educational Assessment (UCL Press, 2022) focuses on her continued interest in how we communicate about assessment in public spaces.

Mary Richardson's contributions

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

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