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Pre-Conference Workshops

8 September 2024 to 12 September 2024University of Manchester

Academic Writing Retreat
Sunday 8 September 2024
09:30 – 16:30

Price: from £40
Venue: University of Manchester

Writing as a group creates a productive environment that is supportive. Writing together then becomes a focused social activity, in which each participant works on their own writing goals.
In this in-person writing retreat, you will find an environment to write, share and discuss our processes of engagement with the craft of writing as part of a community of practice.

This event is designed to create and environment to:

  1. Engage in writing a specific piece of work and engage in reflective activities regarding your own writing
  2. Explore strategies to overcome writing blocks and
  3. Share tips and resources that support the writing process and that encourage the creation of spaces for writing together.

Also there will be opportunities to gain access and share tools and suggestions which will add to the scope of your skills.

To make the most of the writing retreat, you are invited to prepare your plan of what you are going to write during the two days and where you plan to publish/submit your work.

This is an in-person writing retreat. We intentionally built as an extension that takes place prior the our annual conference, and that becomes an extended space to focus on your research.

The writing retreat is focused, productive, supportive, reflective, personalised, for sharing, and community based

Please note that participants would need to commit to attend the entire retreat and to focus exclusively on writing. It is recommended not to be connected to email or search engines during the writing sessions.

Workshop Leads

Profile picture of Mabel Encinas
Mabel Encinas, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Education at London Metropolitan University

Mabel has a strong commitment and passion for equality, diversity, and social inclusion. She is a Senior Lecturer in Education at London Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on creative strategies for learning and teaching, including...

Profile picture of Louise Kay
Louise Kay, Dr

Lecturer at University of Sheffield

Louise Kay is a lecturer in early childhood in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. She is a qualified teacher and has worked across all three primary key stages, with the majority of her career spent teaching in the early...

Profile picture of Carrie Birch
Carrie Birch, Dr

Independent Researcher at N/A

As an independent researcher/practitioner Carrie’s work in community and school settings with adults, under-fives, families, and organisations supports her interests in social justice, and researching perspectives of those whose voices are...