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Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Professor

Professor at University of Nottingham

Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan is an education professor at the University of Nottingham. Her work inspires educators and other professionals to see themselves as curious, resourceful learners with the power to effect context-appropriate, practitioner-led change. She works with new and experienced professionals in a variety of fields. Self-reflexive methodologies such as self-study, poetic inquiry, memory-work, autoethnography, and narrative inquiry are central to her practice. Kathleen is passionate about arts-inspired inquiry and pedagogy. She works with researchers and educators internationally to foster creativity in research and education. "Memory Mosaics: Researching Teacher Professional Learning Through Artful Memory-Work" is a recent book publication (Pithouse-Morgan, Pillay, & Mitchell, Eds., 2019). Kathleen is the immediate Past Chair of the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices (S-STEP) Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association.

Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan's contributions

Arts Based Educational Research

Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) uses ideas, methods, techniques, and processes from the arts to help understand and improve education.

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