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Towards a mechanism for expert policy advice in education

There is a growing consensus that existing arrangements for policy making in education are far from optimal. Based on a recent article published in British Educational Research Journal, this webinar aims to open up a conversation about new ways of making education policy that make better use of academic expertise.

There is no one single ideal mechanism for offering expert advice to policy makers, and what is set out in this webinar is in no way a blueprint or a manual but one possibility for further discussion: an independent group of diverse academic experts to provide trustworthy and transparent policy advice to an education ministry.

The purpose of the webinar was to discuss the expert policy advice mechanism put forward in the aforementioned article, and to induce further thinking and conversations about mechanisms for expert policy advice in education. At this stage, what is needed is some form of reaction—is there value in this mechanism for expert policy advice in education? Where do we go from here? The accumulation of these conversations may then, in time, lead us towards better policy making.

Further reading: Skerritt, C. (2023). Towards a mechanism for expert policy advice in education. British Educational Research Journal, 49(4), 749–765.

16:00 Welcome & Introduction
16:05 Presentation: A mechanism for expert policy advice in education
Dr Craig Skerritt, University of Manchester
16:20 Breakout Rooms
16:40 Feedback from breakout groups
17:00 Next steps & event close

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Profile picture of Craig Skerritt
Craig Skerritt, Dr

Lecturer at University of Manchester

Craig Skerritt is a lecturer in education at the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester.