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How realistic is social mobility?

We hear a lot about social mobility, especially during elections. Political parties and governments often use social mobility (alongside keywords such as opportunity, potential and justice) as a...

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  • Billy Wong

Blog post29 Nov 2016

Social Mobility and the Family

Social mobility has become an essential policy solution, an apparent panacea for inequality, injustice and unfairness (Hoskins & Barker, 2014). The idea of individuals transcending their...

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  • Bernard Barker

Blog post29 Nov 2016

The desire for knowledge

I came across this innocuous looking phrase in an interview with the French sociologist of education Bernard Charlot on the internet. He was quoting the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan to explain how...

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  • Michael Young

Blog post25 Nov 2016

Social Mobility and Secondary Moderns

The perhaps deliberately leaked return to secondary modern schooling took playing politics with education to a new low. It signalled May’s appropriation of another of UKIP’s policies but,...

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  • Patrick Ainley

Blog post22 Nov 2016