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The playful academic

This special BERA Blog series, edited by Maarten Koeners, explores how play and playfulness can facilitate learning in higher education – from the points of view of educator, researcher, academic advisor, programme director, student and professor – and aims to stimulate fresh discussion of the place of play in adult learning.

The contributors explain:

  • how our thinking, ‘soft skills’ and even research methods can benefit from playful activity
  • how these benefits can be measured
  • how playing can benefit mental health and wellbeing
  • how we can create a culture in which academics feel secure, trusted and comfortable enough to be playful in their own ways.


Profile picture of Maarten Koeners
Maarten Koeners, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Exeter Medical School

Maarten Koeners studies and teaches integrative physiology at the University of Exeter. He integrates insights in the physiology of play and playful learning with his academic practice. Recently he established The Playful University Club, an...

Content in this series