BERA Journals

The Association is proud to publish a suite of highly regarded and internationally peer reviewed journals.

The British Educational Research Journal (BERJ), British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), Curriculum Journal (CJ) and Review of Education (RoE) are published in partnership with our publishing partners: Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor-Francis Routledge and SAGE Publishing.

BERJ is the flagship journal and is indexed by the Institute of Scientific Information, Philadelphia on the Social Science Citation Index. The journal is interdisciplinary in approach, and includes reports of case studies, experiments and surveys, discussions of conceptual and methodological issues and of underlying assumptions in educational research, account of research in progress, and book reviews.

BJET provides readers with the widest possible coverage of developments in educational technology globally, and is the primary source for academics and professionals in the expanding fields of education, training and information technology.

The Curriculum Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original contributions to the study of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Papers reporting empirical studies and theoretical analyses from a range of perspectives, including philosophical and historical, are welcome. The journal particularly welcomes papers that include attention to the implications for policy and practice that arise from theoretical and empirical work.

RoE is an international peer reviewed journal for the publication of major and substantial articles of interest to researchers in education and is expected to become a major focal point for the publication of educational research from throughout the world.

EERJ  is a peer-reviewed scientific journal interested in the changing landscape of education research across Europe. The EERJ publishes education research papers and special issues which include a reflection on how the European context and other related global or regional dynamics shape their educational research topics

These journals along with our other publications: BERA Blog, Research Intelligence, and BERA Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research confirm the Association’s commitment to engagement with the field, building capacity within the field, and dissemination of research.

We have produced general FAQs for academics who may be interested in having their work published in one of our journals, which you may consult (available as downloads).