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Past event Part of series: Race Equality in Education

Variation in Black students’ conceptions of academic support: A phenomenographic study

This event will provide an update on the report, and will be critiqued by a respondent. Delegates will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Inequalities in the educational achievement of minoritised students in higher education (HE) appear in a wide range of national contexts (Richardson, 2018), and are often attributed to structural inequalities. In the UK, research literature and public records alike point to persistent inequities before, during and after university life for students of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds. Previous education and socioeconomic status may affect attainment in HE (Smith, 2017). However, when factors such as age and entry qualifications are controlled for, the attainment gap still exists, pointing to the role of students’ experiences of the curriculum, teaching, learning or assessment (Smith, 2017; Richardson, 2015) in the outcomes they achieve.

This study, supported by BERA’s Small Grants Fund (SGF), stems from an acknowledgement that the experiences of Black students in HE in the UK have been under-researched and under-theorised. In the study, a cohort of 20 students from various disciplines within a single HE institution participated in semistructured interviews exploring their experiences of academic support. The results highlight that renewed focus is required on how curriculum design, teaching methods and assessment may affect how Black students succeed in their studies.

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13:00 BERA Introduction
13:05 Update of the report
13:20 Respondent
13:40 Q&A
13:55 Summary, thanks and conclude
14:00 Event Close

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Profile picture of Christine Callender
Christine Callender, Dr

Associate Professor in Education at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society

Dr Christine Callender is an Associate Professor in Education at UCL Institute of Education, London. She has worked in schools, colleges and in the higher education sector for over 20 years and has undertaken consultancies nationally and...


Profile picture of Phillip Beckles-Raymond
Phillip Beckles-Raymond, Mr

University of West London

I am a creative, anti-disciplinary economist and transgressive educator. I practise the art of transforming society through the harnessing of creative energies. I am passionate about economics as an emancipatory ethic of love, that is...

Profile picture of Barbara Adewumi
Barbara Adewumi, Dr

Research Lead in Student Success at University of Kent

Dr Barbara Adewumi is a Postdoctoral Research Associate for the University’s Student Success (EDI) Central Team. She completed her first degree in Sociology and Third World Studies at Middlesex University, followed by a Master’s in...

Report Authors

Profile picture of Mike Mimirinis
Mike Mimirinis, Professor

Associate Professor of Education at University of West London

Mike Mimirinis is an Associate Professor of education at the University of West London where he leads the doctorate of education (EdD). His research broadly explores variation in the ways students and teachers experience teaching, learning and...

Profile picture of Annita Ventouris
Annita Ventouris, Dr

Senior Lecturer in Psychology in Education at University of Hertfordshire

Dr Annita Ventouris is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, University of Hertfordshire. She is the Programme Leader of the BA/BSc Psychology in Education and her research interests span from applications...

Profile picture of Elina Wright
Elina Wright, Dr

Visiting Senior Fellow at Bishop Grosseteste University

Dr Elina Wright works at Regent's Park College, University of Oxford. She is also Visiting Senior Fellow at the World Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU) at Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) in Lincoln. She is a member of the UNESCO...

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