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Michael Agyemang Adarkwah, Professor

Postdoctoral Researcher at Beijing Normal University

Michael Agyemang Adarkwah is a postdoctoral researcher at Smart Learning Institute, Beijing Normal University. He obtained his PhD in Education Leadership and Management from Southwest University. He has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and has worked as a Registered Nurse (RGN) in Ghana. His research interests are: teaching and learning, motivation, assessment, digitalisation, computers and education, special education, linguistics, diversity in healthcare, and nursing practitioners. Michael is an international expert peer reviewer. He is part of the editorial board of the Journal of Educational Studies and Multidisciplinary Approaches (JESMA) and the International Journal of Modern Education Studies (IJONMES), and Social Education Research (SER). He is an associate editor for SN Social Sciences.

Michael Agyemang Adarkwah's contributions