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Lindsay Johnstone

Lindsay has worked in secondary schools for 19 years, 10 years as a middle leader and 7 years as a senior leader. She is now working in a higher education institution supporting higher apprentices in achieving their leadership and management qualification.

She is currently studying for her EdD in Educational Leadership and Management at Bolton University and her particular focus area for her research is how leadership styles, cultures and human resource management practice determines the success of education institutions in retaining and supporting staff.  Lindsay has also developed a keen interest in how the UK is tackling the adult skills shortage gaps and the role of further education institutions and universities.

Her most recent work focused on a structured model for schools to adopt in the face of teacher recruitment shortages, “Culture, Leadership and intrinsic motivation and the effect on teacher retention.  A reform model to building flourishing school cultures.

Lindsay Johnstone's contributions

Educational Leadership

This SIG is concerned with how educational institutions in all sectors (compulsory and post-compulsory; state and private) and all contexts are governed and managed, and how the personnel within...

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