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Jamie Fairbairn, Dr

PT Humanities at Banff Academy

Dr Jamie Fairbairn is principal teacher of the Faculty of Humanities at Banff Academy, leading the subject areas of geography, history, modern studies, religious, moral and philosophical studies (RMPS), Scottish studies, Scots language, travel and tourism and politics.

Banff Academy is a secondary school in Aberdeenshire, sitting on the coast of the Moray Firth in the north east of Scotland. After completing his first degree in agricultural environmental sciences at Newcastle University, Jamie spent several years working in South America (Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia) towards a PhD in rural development at Reading University, and subsequent development projects. On his return to Scotland he trained as a teacher of geography and has been teaching ever since. He is interested in secondary–tertiary education links, international education, music, culture and language.

Jamie Fairbairn's contributions

BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant

The BCF Curriculum Investigation Grant is intended to support research led by schools and colleges with a focus on curriculum inquiry and investigation. The theme for the 2024-2025 grant is...