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Amy Hanna 

Centre for Children’s Rights, Queen’s University Belfast

Amy Hanna is a research fellow at the Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen’s University Belfast. During her undergraduate studies of law, Amy’s interests were focused on young people, their rights and their experiences of youth justice, together with the theories which underpinned the study of law, and human rights in particular. Later qualifying as a teacher of English, Amy has taught in secondary schools in both England and, most recently, Australia, where she taught young people with disabilities. Throughout her teaching practice, Amy noted that children’s rights and voices are regularly not asked for, and therefore remain silent, but that this is often because teachers are unaware of how to implement these rights in education. Amy completed her PhD research on how examining uses and experiences of silence by students and teachers can create more inclusive understanding of student voice and children’s participation rights.

Amy Hanna 's contributions

The corridors of silence

Our vernacular is somewhat noisy with idioms of silence: deafening silences; as silent as the grave; a wall of silence; suffering in silence. Other idioms offer implicit references to silence,...

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Blog post16 Jun 2021