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Alexander Gardner-McTaggart

Manchester Institute of Education

I joined the University of Manchester in January 2019 as course director of the Masters degree in Educational Leadership in Practice. My research seeks to better understand globalising pressures on education and its leadership through the lens of equity, distinction and power. I am a lecturer in educational leadership at the Institute of Education here, having joined as senior lecturer in leadership from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS).

Aside from my work with BERA, I am also an active member of the British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (BELMAS) and its Critical Education Policy (CEP) research interest group. My PhD on international educational leadership at the University of Nottingham was supervised by Tony Bush and Howard Stevenson and was the first of its kind to explore senior leadership in IB international schools. My research interests are in educational leadership, international education, and global citizenship education.

I have taught and researched internationally since 1995. Initially I got into teaching English as a foreign language, but then trained as a Rudolf Steiner School Primary Class teacher and worked in a Steiner school in Vienna for several years. I moved into tertiary, and eventually took five years to work in an IB international school while I conducted the research for my PhD into leadership in IB international schools. Being fully embedded in the IB international schools’ context with my family along with a departmental, and teaching responsibility allowed me a rare phenomenological insight into what it is to be an international schools educator.

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