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The BERA Postgraduate Forum was established in 2012 as a result of the Association’s wish to offer more specific forms of support to postgraduates. It reflects the view of BERA that research is a necessary element in the best professional practice in education. The Forum seeks to meet needs of both those people pursuing PG study who are HE-based researchers, or aiming to be ‘professional researchers’ in the broad field of education, and those people pursuing PG study who are education professionals, doing a PhD, EdD, Masters or similar alongside and integrated with a practitioner career. It also aims to bring these two broad constituencies together, providing a sufficiently positive experience (of support, information, networking, capacity-building etc.) to both groups. The Forum is a way in which people can find a more focused home within the wider community of practice that is BERA. 

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Negotiating the qualitative-quantitative divide: the best of both

9 February 2018 | Blog

The BERA Postgraduate Forum research symposium I attended provided me with the opportunity to present my work in a supportive and critically constructive environment, providing me with invaluable feedback and suggestions with regards to my next... [...]

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