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Formed five years ago, the SIG is closely associated with the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain  which is an associate society of BERA. We seek to foster debate on philosophically interesting issues pertaining to education, and to bring philosophical methods and sensibilities to bear on educational matters. We have an eclectic and inclusive view of philosophy and enjoy a membership both from those who would consider themselves to be ‘philosophers’ and those who see the point of ‘philosophical moments’ in wider educational projects. As well as a presence at BERA conferences, we seek to work with other SIGs and with local branches of PESGB to host seminars and events through the year.

Latest SIG Content

What is school science for?

18 March 2019 | Blog

Science is now being taught to more pupils than at any time in history. This has come about in part because governments across the world have acknowledged the importance of science and technology to economic wellbeing and prosperity. It also owes... [...]

English literature: An aesthetic form of knowledge

12 March 2019 | Blog

English literature was introduced as an essential component of Britain’s school curriculum in the early 20th century as part of a broader effort to create, inter alia, an education system based on culturally liberal principles. A significant... [...]

The ambiguities of knowledge, expertise and purpose

6 March 2019 | Blog

In a recent BERA blog, ‘The neglect of practice’ (14 December 2018; see also Hordern 2018), Jim Hordern argued that we need to consider not just what teachers do when they teach, but what normatively governed purposes and expertise guide this... [...]

Faith-based education is (not) what we are talking about

22 February 2019 | Blog

Writings about faith and education tend to fall into particular longstanding debates about: the teaching of religious education in schools; the act (or not) of assembly; the use of religious texts in lessons and around the school; the roles of... [...]

The neglect of practice

14 December 2018 | Blog

Many BERA members will be very familiar with terms such as evidence-informed practice, evidence-based practice and research-engaged teaching. The recent BERA close-to-practice research project is the latest in a flurry of work focussing on the... [...]

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