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ET-RedThe purpose of the Educational Technology SIG is to provide a meeting place for BERA members interested in the application and impact of new technologies in education across both curricular and professional areas. The SIG is unusual in that it includes members with backgrounds across education settings and sectors ranging from early years education to professional learning. Its work complements that of other organisations which work primarily in FE and HE (JISC and ALT) and groups and conferences with a specific interest in Computer-based Learning, AI in Education or Instructional Technologies. The SIG runs a ’strand’ at the annual conference which attracts UK and international speakers.

The Educational Technology SIG uses the Twitter Hastag #BERAEDTECH 

Latest SIG Content

Gamifying programming education in K-12

18 October 2018 | Blog

In our recent article published in the British Journal of Educational Technology (Lindberg et al 2018), we present the results of a review on how programming has been approached by K-12 curriculum developers around the world, and what games can... [...]

Blended learning: more than just equal access

6 September 2018 | Blog

When I first came across the term ‘blended learning’, I (like others) was confused as to what it referred to. The term is being used with increased frequency in academic journals and conferences, as well as educational magazines. Some have... [...]

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Educational Technology

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