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ET-RedThe purpose of the Educational Technology SIG is to provide a meeting place for BERA members interested in the application and impact of new technologies in education across both curricular and professional areas. The SIG is unusual in that it includes members with backgrounds across education settings and sectors ranging from early years education to professional learning. Its work complements that of other organisations which work primarily in FE and HE (JISC and ALT) and groups and conferences with a specific interest in Computer-based Learning, AI in Education or Instructional Technologies. The SIG runs a ’strand’ at the annual conference which attracts UK and international speakers.

The Educational Technology SIG uses the Twitter Hastag #BERAEDTECH 

Latest SIG Content

Collaborative Learning in a Blended-reality Environment

26 May 2017 | Blog

Offering students flexible and convenient access is a key driver for the use of technology in learning, with online technologies enabling students to continue their work out of the classroom, anytime and anywhere, and to do so collaboratively... [...]

The digital home lives of young New Zealanders

4 April 2017 | Blog

International trends indicate that internet access is now widespread in developed countries around the world including New Zealand. So you may be surprised to discover that not all New Zealanders have digital access at home or the digital... [...]

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Educational Technology

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