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AE-Red This SIG stands for educational interests underpinned by significant democracy and autonomy. We don’t have many answers (yet and even then we’ll be careful) but we do know that there is a world of ‘difference’ educationally speaking, which is other from a lot of what passes as ‘acceptable’ or excellent education. Our SIG stands for the active debate and development of scholarship, theory and practice knowledge about education done on terms of community and freedom. We don’t agree with education without Voice, voices, democratic means and manners and autonomous interests pursued. So this SIG serves as a SPACE for alternative educators and we aim to organise ourselves as a community in as democratic a manner as is possible. We welcome alternative educational work including the school, from before and beyond the school – to include university teaching and learning and towards the Fourth Age also. We have an international membership. We deal with the history, present and future of education. Join us! You are very welcome to our community. Please click here.  

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Bringing Neuroscience Towards Alternative Education?

6 March 2017 | Blog

On March 10th 2017, at Newman University, UK, an event attempting to better understand the interface of neuroscience and alternative education occurs. What happens? Well as we write this the event is yet to take place. We are still busy ordering... [...]

What can neuroscience offer alternative education research?

10 March 2017 | Event

Online registration has now closed. If you want to attend this event, please email for details of how to register onsite. This relaxed and friendly day event at Newman University, Birmingham—organised by the BERA... [...]

An education in broadcasting silence

6 June 2016 | Blog

Late last year Newman University where I work as an Education Studies lecturer flew me to Copenhagen to attend the Copenhagen Documentary Festival (CPHDOX), a major film festival. Now, that's not the usual destination for education academics.... [...]

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