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Fadoua Govaerts, Ms

PhD student at University of Bath

Fadoua Govaerts is a PhD researcher at the University of Bath, in the Department of Education. Her doctoral research project explores the experience of home-educated adolescents, with a special focus on their educational outcomes and social development. Fadoua uses participatory research methodology, allowing children to be researchers. Her research interests are broad, but are mostly around alternative education and child-led learning. Fadoua has almost 20 years of experience in the education sector, teaching in primary, secondary and higher education, in addition to spending the last 12 years home-educating her own five children. This background has manifested a passion around finding educational opportunities beyond traditional methods. In her spare time you will find Fadoua building Lego, running, cooking or in a café with a cappuccino and cake.

Fadoua Govaerts's contributions

SIG Forum Meeting – Alternative Education

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Alternative Education

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