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Sarah Gillie, Dr

Senior Lecturer at U W E Bristol

Sarah Gillie is a former primary school teacher whose research interests relate to inclusion in education across and beyond ‘compulsory’ schooling. Family diagnoses of neurodivergence have only strengthened her conviction that inclusive practice should reflect individual strengths and needs. Sarah’s master’s research explored the potential for executive function targeted learning support. Her doctoral thesis focused on families who home educate when schools are not considered to meet children’s needs. Since 2016, Sarah has lectured on undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a focus on early years and/or inclusion. She joined the University of the West of England (UWE) in January 2021 as a senior lecturer in Education and Early Childhood.

Sarah Gillie's contributions

Alternative Education

The Alternative Education SIG takes the broadest approach to ‘alternative’ that we can.  We are interested in all forms of out of school educational provision and with ‘alternative’...

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