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Past event Part of series: Principles into Practice: Supporting Practitioner Research

Principles into Practice: Supporting Practitioner Research – presentations


The presentations were drawn from those people who had either submitted abstracts on the topic for this event – Research into practice – or from the BERA strand that was being presented as part of the Oxford Brookes School of Education Research Conference. Both of these events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. However, this event offers presenters an audience for their work. We are pleased that there is so much activity with research contributing to practice. We have selected a range of both experienced researchers working with practitioners, Early Careers Researchers with regional, national and international contributors. The work relates to the activities from a range of SIGs. To accommodate time differences and the busy schedules of practitioners, we have made the presentations available over a three week period. 


  1. Moments of Creativity: Analysis through an application of CHAT – Sarah Fordsham and Deb McGregor
  2. Mobilising teacher researchers – reducing teacher workload –Robin Hall, Richard Churches and Kate Sims
    Further reading: Supporting teachers through the school workload reduction toolkit
  3. The contribution of individual practitioner research projects to school improvement: A multiple case study  – Annette Hilton and Geoff Hilton
  4. The notion of Teacher Expertise Within an Informal Learning Realm: The Case of Miss Lewis  – Dr Anna Mariguddi
  5. A journey in practice: How research has informed my practice in education and play – Imran Mirza
  6. Let’s Do This Together: Collaborative Teaching and Learning in an Arts-Informed Education Classroom – Lisa Mitchell
  7. From research to practice at a residential special school: The Mulberry Bush  – Caryn Onions
  8.  Teacher Involvement in Curriculum Making in Jamaica: A Framework for a Deliberative Democratic Process  – Carmel Roofe
  9. Autism: Researching Practice  – Sarah Seleznyov

Submit your questions below and these will be discussed at the panel discussion to be held on the 21st August 2020.

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Autism: Researching Practice

Autism: Researching Practice  - Sarah Seleznyov The Autism: Researching Practice used the structure of Research Learning Communities (Brown, 2017) to enable practitioners to connect with...

Video20 Aug 2020