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As countries moved into lockdown, so did education and educational researchers. For researchers in the middle of data collection which was not already entirely online, this affected researchers whether they were conducting Masters, doctoral, practitioner research and working in a small or large research team.
Not only does lockdown restrict access to observing or interviewing people in face-to-face settings, it also affects what primary documentation reserachers might collect and, not insignificantly, it affects the personal lives of all concerned, whether researcher or participant. 
In this episode Dr Alison Fox (The Open University) and Dr Carmel Capewell (Oxford Brookes University) discuss options researchers might have considered to find solutions to these unprecedented challenges. The decisions made will have been affected by pragmatics but also a researcher’s positionality and care for the wellbeing of those concerned. Changes made will have need renegotiation of permissions and consent. This has required flexibility and support from supervisory teams, research training programmes, sponsors and ethics committees in Universities. 


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In this Episode

Carmel Capewell, Dr

Lecturer in Early Years and Child Development at Oxford Brookes University

Carmel is a Lecturer in Early Years and Child Development at Oxford Brookes University. She has a strong interest in developing innovative research methods, particularly to encouraging the participation of young people in expressing and sharing...

Alison Fox, Dr

Senior Lecturer at Open University

Dr Alison Fox (BSc, Durham; MSc, Aberdeen; PGCE, Cambridge; MEd, Cambridge; PhD, Open) is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the Open University in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education...