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Teaching controversial issues in the classroom is now more urgent and fraught than ever as we confront a global pandemic, extremism, racism, environmental disaster, and economic crises. Despite evidence that teaching controversy is critical, educators often avoid it Pace (2021). How then can we prepare and support teachers to undertake this essential, but difficult work?
Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues, based on a cross-national qualitative study, examines teacher educators’ efforts to prepare preservice teachers for teaching controversial issues that matter for democracy, justice, and human rights. It presents four detailed cases of teacher preparation in three politically divided societies: Northern Ireland, England, and the United States via case studies.

This meeting will be hosted on Zoom, where you will have the opportunity to network and speak to other SIG members and delegates. You must register via this page to receive the zoom link.

Chairs and Discussant

Profile picture of Gary Beauchamp
Gary Beauchamp, Professor

Professor of Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Gary Beauchamp is Professor of Education in the School of Education and Social Policy at Cardiff Metropolitan University. He was Director of Research from 2009-2020. Gary worked for many years as a primary school teacher, before moving into...

Profile picture of Lorna Hamilton
Lorna Hamilton, Dr

Senior Lecturer at University of Edinburgh

Having worked as an English teacher and as a primary teacher, I draw on substantial experience in schools to inform my teaching. I am also passionate about educational research and the ways in which research can help inform teaching and learning...

Profile picture of Lizana Oberholzer
Lizana Oberholzer, Dr

Senior Lecturer - Postgraduate Provision at University of Wolverhampton

Lizana Oberholzer is a senior lecturer in teacher education and programme lead for the University of Wolverhampton's International MA in Education, as well as the Early Careers Framework and National Professional Qualifications for school...

Mairead Davidson, Miss

Lecturer in Education at Ulster University

Mairead is the Northern Ireland Rep for the BERA Teacher Education SIG.

Profile picture of Aileen Kennedy
Aileen Kennedy, Professor

Professor of Teacher Education at University of Glasgow

Aileen is Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Glasgow. Her research focuses on how teachers learn, and the policy context within which that learning happens. This work enables her to conceptualise and explain the powers that...


Profile picture of Judith Pace
Judith Pace, Professor

Professor at University of San Francisco

Dr. Judith Pace is a professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the University of San Francisco’s School of Education. Her research examines the connections between democracy education and classroom relationships, teaching, and...

Profile picture of Lee Jerome
Lee Jerome, Dr

Professor of Education at Middlesex University

Dr Lee Jerome is Professor of Education at Middlesex University, where he is course leader for the MA Childhood and Education in Diverse Societies. He explores three main themes in his research and writing: citizenship education, children’s...