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Decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in teacher training and education curricula in England and Wales: The Curriculum Journal Special Issue

This seminar provided an opportunity to hear from contributing authors to the recently published Special Issue of The Curriculum Journal, decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in teacher training and education curricula in England and Wales. Drawing on their work as teacher educators, schoolteachers, and school leaders, contributing authors, the Curriculum Journal’s editorial team and guest speaker Dr Marlon Moncrieffe explored and reflected on current practices and on future directions for teacher training and education around decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in England, Wales and beyond. This seminar also included opportunities for discussion and for attendees to share their own practices and questions around the role of decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in the teaching profession.



Curriculum Journal Introduction & Format of Event
Professor Mark Priestley and Dr Elizabeth Rushton


Short ‘Teaser’ Talks 

Finding ‘pockets of possibility’ for anti-racism in a curriculum for student teachers: From absence to action.

Heather Smith & Vini Lander 

Decolonial praxis: Teacher educators’ perspectives on tensions, barriers, and possibilities of anti-racist practice-based Initial Teacher Education in England

Josephine Gabi 

Raciolinguistic policy assemblages and white supremacy in teacher education.

Ian Cushing

English as an additional language (EAL): Decolonising provision and practice

Oakleigh Welply 


Q & A


Short ‘Teaser’ Talks 

The recruitment and retention of teachers of colour in Wales. An ongoing conundrum?

Susan Davis, Kin Yu & Sammy Chapman 

Making spaces for collaborative action and learning: Reflections on teacher-led decolonising initiatives from a professional learning network in England

Terra Glowach, Tryphosa Bennett & Lisa Panford 

Resisting whiteness: Anti-racist leadership and professional learning in majority white senior leadership teams in English schools

Claire Stewart Hall & Penny Rabiger 

‘Deep understanding’ for anti-racist school transformation: School leaders’ professional development in the context of Black Lives Matter

Sharon Walker, Lee Walker & Claire Pike


Q & A


Final Commentary

Marlon Moncrieffe


Next Steps


Event Close


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Chairs and Speakers

Profile picture of Mark Priestley
Mark Priestley, Professor

Professor at University of Stirling

Mark Priestley is professor of education and the director of the Stirling Network for Curriculum Studies. He is also the lead editor of the Curriculum Journal. His research interests relate to curriculum theory, the professional work of teachers,...

Profile picture of Stavroula Philippou
Stavroula Philippou, Dr

Associate Professor (Curriculum and Teaching) at University of Cyprus

Stavroula Philippou is an Associate Professor in Curriculum and Teaching (Department of Education, University of Cyprus). She has taught in a variety of contexts in Cyprus and abroad and has acted as a consultant for UNESCO, the Council of Europe...

Profile picture of Haira Gandolfi
Haira Gandolfi, Dr

Assistant Professor at University of Cambridge

Haira Gandolfi is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK. She has a PhD in education, a MSc in science education, and a BSc in chemistry teaching. She has experience in chemistry teaching at secondary and...

Profile picture of Elizabeth Rushton
Elizabeth Rushton, Professor

Head of Education Division at University of Stirling

Professor Elizabeth Rushton is a professor in Education and the head of the Division of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling. Her research interests are in geography and science education, specifically the...

Profile picture of Marlon Moncrieffe
Marlon Moncrieffe, Dr

President Elect at British Educational Research Association

Dr Marlon Moncrieffe is a council member of the British Educational Research Association, and Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. He is an award-winning international interdisciplinary researcher and author, and teacher-educator.

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